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About the Department

The Department of Mathematical Engineering (DIM) is part of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Chile. Its main focuses are scientific research in the field of pure and applied mathematics, as well as undergraduate and graduate teaching.

The Department

The DIM is responsible for the Civil Mathematical Engineering degree, the Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and the PhD in Mathematical Modeling. In addition, a significant number of its members are involved in applications of mathematics in the national and international productive environment through the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the same Faculty.

Research Areas

The main areas of research are:

  • Algorithms and combinatorics
  • Nonlinear partial differential equations
  • Mathematical mechanics and inverse problems
  • Optimization and equilibrium
  • Probabilities and ergodic theory

A word from the Director

Digital technologies are transforming society in an accelerated way, unprecedented in the history of mankind. The leading role of mathematics in this fourth industrial revolution obliges the Department of Mathematical Engineering to rise to these new challenges.

Our Department -with more than 50 years of existence, where five National Prizes in Exact Sciences have been awarded- is committed to interdisciplinary training in the frontiers of mathematics. For this purpose, we offer a flexible curriculum, with fundamental courses in mathematics and, also, with applied laboratories of numerical analysis, stochastic simulation, partial differential equations, optimization, control, linear programming, etc.

The goal is for our graduates to be able to jump on the bandwagon of emerging mathematical technologies and have a decisive impact on society through modeling and abstraction. Our students must be able to understand complex phenomena, design algorithms, handle uncertainty and large volumes of data to face the problems that technological disruption will present in the future.