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  1. Principal Investigator, research grant FONDECYT (CONICYT-Chile) 1050706: “Proximal Iterative Algorithms and Evolution Equations Associated with Penalty Methods in Optimization”, 2005-2009. 
  2. Principal Investigator, research grant FONDECYT (CONICYT-Chile) 1020610: “Discrete and Continuous Approximation of Solutions via Penalty Methods in Constrained Optimization”, 2002-2004. 
  3. Member of the Millennium Science Nucleus “Complex Engineering Systems”, MIDEPLAN-Chile, 2002-2004. 
  4. Principal investigator (Chilean head), project ECOS/CONICYT in Optimization and Equilibrium Problems, Chilean-French Research Cooperation Program,  2000-2002. 
  5. Principal Investigator, research grant FONDECYT (CONICYT-Chile) 1990884: “Dissipative Dynamical Systems and Approximation Methods in Optimization and Variational Problems”, 1999-2001. 
  6. Associate researcher, Centro de Modelamiento Matemático, U. de Chile, project FONDAP in Applied Mathematics (CONICYT-Chile) since March 1999.