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Camilo Carvajal Reyes

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MSc candidate @ MDS UChile
Previously at CentraleSupélec and DIM UChile


I am a Masters degree candidate in Data Science at Universidad de Chile, supervised by Felipe Tobar (GAMES group: Group of MAchine learning, infErence and Signals). My research interests are ethics and safeness in generative models, mathematical modelling of language and representation learning.

Previously Mathematical Engineering at U. de Chile, Double degree with CentraleSupélec (General Engineering + Research Track).

I am the cofunder and External Relations Coordinator of AEDIA: Association for Ethics in Data science and Artificial Intelligence (Es). I am also currently part of the organising team for EVIC: Escuela Latinoamericana de Verano en Inteligencia Computacional


Natural language processing of EthicApp text data (2023)

  Alongside Unidad de Ética, ETHICS FCFM (Es)

  Repository (Es)

Entity recognition in medical prescriptions (Spring 2022)

  MDS7201 Data Science Project - Alongside Chilean Health Ministry (MINSAL)

  HuggingFace Spaces demo (currently down, but will be fixed soon) - Project repository

Emoji prediction in tweets (Fall 2022)

  Project for CC5205 Data Mining - Project webpage (Es)


MDS7203 Deep Generative Models

  Teaching Assistant (Spring 2023) - Course repository (Es)

MDS7104 Machine Learning

  Teaching Assistant (Fall 2023) - Course repository (Es)

  Ellaboration of a book chapter: Tree based models - Upcoming link (Es)

MA4402 Stochastic Simulation: Theory and Laboratory

  Elaboration of a course book, supervised by Joaquín Fontbona (Fall 2022)

  Apuntes curso Simulación Estocástica (Es)

  Teaching Assistant (Spring 2022) - Course repository (Es)

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