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    I am a PhD candidate at Universidad de Chile under the direction of Daniel Remenik. My main research area is probability theory. This includes particle systems, population processes and random networks.

    I also finished a Bachelor degree in Mathematical Engineering at the University of Chile, where I did my thesis in Population processes under the supervision of Jaime San martín.

  • Articles:

    ● L. Fredes, A. Linker, D. Remenik. Survival and coexistence for spatial population models with forest fire epidemics. arXiv:1811.12468, 38 pages (2018).

    ● E. Jacob, A. Linker, P. Mörters. Metastability of the contact process on fast evolving scale-free networks. arXiv:1807.09863, 40 pages (2016).

  • Talks:

    The Contact Process on Evolving Scale-free Networks. . LXXXVI annual meeting of the Chilean mathematical society (SOMACHI), Talca, Chile. (2017).

    Some results regarding Contact Process on one-dimensional dynamic percolation. . II Summer school in probability and stochastic processes,Universidas de Chile. (2018).

  • Current Projects:

    ● Metastability of the contact process on slowly evolving scale-free networks. With Emmanuel Jacob and Peter Mörters.

    The contact process with evolving edges on Z. With Daniel Remenik.

  • More information

    Detailed CV: (updated 12/18).