Sebastián Tapia García

About me: Currently, I'm PhD(c) student at Universidad de Chile and at Université de Bordeaux.

Advisors: Aris Daniilidis (UCh) and Robert Deville (UB).

Interests: Functional Analysis, Linear Dynamics, Convex Analysis and Rectifiability.

Email address:

My articles:

  1. Regularity of AML functions in finite-dimensional spaces. Submited.
  2. An epsilon-hypercyclicity criterion and its application on classical Banach spaces. Submited.Preprint
  3. Wild dynamics and asymptotically separated sets. Transactions of American Mathematical society, 2021. Accepted.
  4. Finitely determined functions. Advances in Operator Theory, 2021. (with M. Bachir and A. Fabre) Preprint
  5. Compact and limited operators. Mathematische Nachrichten, 2020. Accepted. (with M. Bachir and G. Flores) Preprint
  6. Extended topological vector spaces and extended seminormed spaces. Topology and its applications, 2015. (with D. Salas)

Part of the organizing committee:

  1. Doctorants' seminar DIM UChile. From March 2021. (with E. Molina)
  2. Alma Joven 2021. February 19th 2021. On-line event.(with R. Llenera and G. Vergara)
  3. Dynamical aspects in Variational Analysis. December 13th 2018. Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau, France. (with A. Daniilidis and S. Gaubert.)

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Other interests: Go/Baduk (bord game), Saxophone, Basketball.