Getting to and from the airport

From the airport: We recommend you take a taxi. Right after you go through customs, go to the "taxi oficial" counter, for $13.000 (some USD $25) they will bring you to your hotel through santiago's brand new highway (costanera norte). Make sure the taxi does take the highway as this will save you 25 minutes. The trip should be around 25 min long. Another option is to approach the "Tur Bus" or the "Transvip" counter, they run vans that will drive you to your hotel for $5.000 or so (USD $9). The trip should be around 50 min long.

To the airport: Simply ask your hotel to call a taxi or van for you. The rates will be approximately the same as above. If you choose to take a taxi, again make sure it takes the highway. You could also catch a taxi on the street. In this case, it is a good idea to agree on a price beforehand, if you offer $10.000 the driver will most likely accept.

You do not need to tip taxi drivers in Chile

Where to stay?

Participants have to arrange for their own hotel reservation in Santiago. Below you will find a list of hotels with their approximate rates. Please ask confirmation of the rates while doing your reservation.

  • Hostal Don Alfredo
    • Alberto Henckel 2360, Providencia
    • Phone: (562) 205 5929
    • Contact person: Carmen
    • Rate: single USD 25 /night, double USD 35 /night
  • Hotelera Los Nogales
    • Los Nogales 741, Providencia
    • Phone: (562) 353 1000
    • Fax: (562) 334 8894
    • Contact person: Gerardo Bernal
    • Rate: single USD 60 /night, double USD 70 /night, triple USD 80 /night
  • Hotel Capducal (Recommended by the organizers)
    • Avda. Suecia 281, Providencia
    • Phone: (562) 231 1400
    • Fax: (562) 334 7679
    • Contact person: Yanet Canales
    • Rate: single USD 65 /night, double USD 75 /night
  • Hotel Eurotel (Recommended by the organizers)
    • Guardia Vieja 285, Providencia
    • Phone / Fax: (562) 251 6111
    • Contact person: Alejandra Cárdenas
    • Rate: single or double USD 65 /night
  • Hotel NH Santiago City
    • Avda. Condell 40, Providencia
    • Phone: (562) 341 7575
    • Fax: (562) 269 1079
    • Contact person: Laly García
    • Rate: single or double USD 85 /night
  • Rent a Home Apart Hotels
    • Contact person: Carmen Alarcon
    • Phone: (562) 234 2314
    • Fax: (562) 233 2266
    • Note: Transfer from the airport is included in the price.

If you are looking for a high end hotel we suggest Sheraton or Hyatt.

What to see?

Some places we recommend visiting in a short trip are: