About the Project

Through the project "Anillo en Redes," we seek the consolidation of a research group with a regional leadership role in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. We will concentrate our research efforts on a wide variety of topics, all with a common underlying theme: Networks.

It is a remarkable fact that the simple and abstract mathematical formalism of networks and the underlying concept of graphs should prove useful in modeling and understanding so many real-world phenomena. Examples are city traffic, email flow in the Internet, disease spread through a population and shipment of goods from warehouses to retailers, just to name a few. Interestingly, the systematic study of the networks is a recent discipline for the scientific world, and it is evolving very rapidly. Moreover, networks provide a framework for posing and studying problems that often have wider applicability than their originating context.

In this project we will develop mathematical and algorithmic tools that allow us to face different fundamental problems in networks and a better understanding of structures related with them. Of course, our immediate research objectives are more limited in scope and more technical in nature. Specifically, we would like to study the following subjects:

  1. One of our main research subjects is related with coordination and information issues in network routing. We would also like to explore how selfish behavior of agents in a network affects the overall performance of the system. The analyses of these issues have a short but very fruitful history since they tackle central questions in the intersection between economics and computer science.
  2. Another focus of our research is the study of efficient packet scheduling through network routers and switches. Questions that were originally posed in the fifties for telephone communications but that become more difficult and relevant as the available communication technologies advance.
  3. Finally, we are interested in studying some fundamental issues in graph theory; the branch of mathematics that deals with the combinatorics of networks. In particular, we plan to focus on problems related to network connectivity.


[Marcos Kiwi] Marcos Kiwi, Main Researcher

[Ivan Rapaport] Ivan Rapaport, Main Researcher

[Martín Matamala] Martín Matamala, Director

[José Correa] José Correa, Associated Researcher

[Eduardo Moreno] Eduardo Moreno, Associated Researcher
[Nicolas Nisse] Nicolás Nisse, PostDoc
[Karol Suchan] Karol Suchan, PostDoc


[Universidad de Chile]

Universidad de Chile - (Main Institution)
Departamento de Ingeniería Matemática
Centro de Modelamiento Matemático
[Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez]

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez - (Associated Institution)
Escuela de Negocios

Contact Info

E-mail: redes followed by @ then dim dot uchile dot cl


Last Edited: 02 Jul, 2008
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