Welcome to the webpage for MathAmSud 20-MATH-09 project:


- Structural and Algorithmic Graph Theory -

Chile-Argentina-France, 2020-2022
Funded by ANID (Chile), MEAE (France), MINCYT (Argentina)

International Director and Scientific Coordinator Chile: Maya Stein

Scientific Coordinator Argentina: Flavia Bonomo

Scientific Coordinator France: Marthe Bonamy

Senior Associate Investigators: Adrián Pastine (Argentina), Andrea Jiménez (Chile), Daniel Quiroz (Chile), Frantisek Kardos (France), Frédérique Bassino (France), Guillermo Durán (Argentina), Ivo Koch (Argentina), Lionel Pournin (France), Luciano Grippo (Argentina), Mario Valencia-Pabon (France), Martín Safe (Argentina), Pablo Torres (Argentina), Valeria Leoni (Argentina), Veronica Moyano (Argentina)

Junior Associate Investigators: Agustina Ledezma (Argentina), Alexandre Blanché (France), Carolina Lucía González (Argentina), Claire Hilaire (France), Diego Delle Donne (France), Dimitri Lajou (France), Elías Cancela (Argentina), Emiliano Estrugo (Argentina), Florencia Fernández Slezak (Argentina), María Inés López Pujato (Argentina), María Lucía González (Argentina), Matías Pavez-Signé (Chile), Paul Ouvrard (France), Natalí Vanstenkiste (Argentina), Nina Pardal (Argentina), Rocío Suarez (Argentina), Rado Rokotonarivo (France)

Brazilian and Other Friends of the Project: Fábio Botler(UFRJ), François Dross (Warsaw), Maicom Sambinelli (UFABC), Mitre Dourado (UFRJ), Vinicius dos Santos (UFMG).


November 26th, 2020 via zoom
9.30-9.45 Coffee Break
9.45 Group Picture :)
9.45-10.15 Problem Session
10.15-12.15 Work in Smaller Groups on the Problems
12.15-13.00 Progress Reports and Planning
Note that this is Argentinean/Chilean time, for French time add 4 hours.

A group picture from the workshop here.
Problems from the workshop here.


November 24th, 2021 via zoom
Schedule (Chilean time):
9.00 Coffee
9.10 Group picture
9.10-12.30 Work in small groups
12.30-13 Progress reports and Planning

Send in your problem for the workshop! We'll circulate the problems a week ahead of the workshop.