maya stein              

Full professor (profesora titular) at the Department of Mathematical Engineering and deputy director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CNRS IRL 2807), Universidad de Chile, Santiago.


Individual research grants:

    FONDECYT Regular 1221905: Trees, paths and cycles, 2022-2026 (ranked 1st among 90 applications in Mathematics)

    FONDECYT Regular 1183080: Trees, degrees and colours, 2018-2022

    FONDECYT Regular 1140766: Structural and extremal graph theory, 2014-2018

    FONDECYT Iniciación 11090141: Problemas in extremal graph theory, 2009-2013 (ranked 1st among the applications in Mathematics)

Group grants:

    Deputy Director ANID Proyecto Fondo Basal CMM (2021-26, Director H. Ramírez)

    Principal Investigator ANID "Apoyo a Centros de Excelencia" ACE210010 del CMM (2021-22)

    Chilean PI for European Union Horizon 2020 RISE grant: RANDNET- Randomness and Learning in Networks (2021-25, Director Marc Noy, UPC)

    International Director of MathAmSud 20-MATH-09: STALGRAPH (2020-22, National Coordinator Argentina: F. Bonomo, National Coordinator France: M. Bonamy)

    Director Chile of FAPESP-ANID Investigación Conjunta 2019/13364-7: Extremal and Structural Graph Theory (2020-22, Director Brazil: C. Fernandes)

    Principal Investigator ANID Basal PIA AFB17001 CMM (2018-21, Director A. Maass)

    Associated researcher CONICYT Basal CMM (2008-13 Director J. San Martin, 2013-18 A. Jofré)

    Associate Investigator Millenium Nucleus Information and Coordination in Networks 2014-17

    National Coordinator Chile of MathAmSud project 13-MATH-07: Algorithmic, Algebraic and Structural Issues on Coloring and Matching Theory of Graphs (2013-14, Director M. Valencia-Pabon)