Javiera Barrera

javiera.barrera (at) usm.cl

Técnica Federico Santa María.
de Matemática
Av. España 110-V

Tel : 56 (32) 2624 482

Me at Valparaíso.

Welcome to my web page!

Here you can find the final version of my Ph.D. Thesis. ( in spanish)

Currently I work at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María  as an associated reasercher. 
I Coordinate the  seminar of our departerment here you can find a the incoming expositions.  I made my PhD studies in cotrustuship with the Universidad de Chile and Université Paris 5-René Descartes. My research subject is probability, specifically random partitions and cut-off phenomenon. In this link you can find the list of my articles  and here my CV.



International congress on the applications of mathematics

31st Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications

School on Information and Randomness 2006 


·         Math links

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The links to MAP5 U. Paris 5  and to the Departamento de Ingeniería Matemática U. de Chile were I studied.


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·         Hobbies:

Football: my ex-football teams here and here, my current team Barceloca.                                                                                      

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