Daniel Remenik — List of Publications

  1. K. Matetski, D. Remenik. TASEP and generalizations: Method for exact solution. arXiv
  2. L. Fredes, A. Linker, D. Remenik. Coexistence for a spatial population model with forest fire epidemics. To appear in Annals of Applied Probability. arXiv
  3. K. Liechty, G. B, Nguyen, D. Remenik. Airy process with wanderers, KPZ fluctuations, and a deformation of the Tracy-Widom GOE distribution. To appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré Probabilités et Statistiques. arXiv
  4. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. KP governs random growth off a one dimensional substrate. To appear in Forum of Mathematics, Pi. arXiv
  5. K. Matetski, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. The KPZ fixed point. Acta Mathematica 227, 115-203 (2021). arXiv
  6. M. Nica, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. One-sided reflected Brownian motions and the KPZ fixed point. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 8, e63 (2020). arXiv | Journal link
  7. M. Nica, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Solution of the Kolmogorov equation for TASEP. Annals of Probability 46, 2344-2358 (2020). arXiv
  8. A. Linker, D. Remenik The contact process with dynamic edges on Z. Electronic Journal of Probability Vol. 25, paper no. 80, 1-21 (2020). arXiv | Journal link
  9. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. How flat is flat in random interface growth? Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 371, 6047-6085 (2019). arXiv | Journal link
  10. G. B. Nguyen, D. Remenik. Extreme statistics of non-intersecting Brownian paths. Electronic Journal of Probability 22, Paper No. 102, 40pp (2017). arXiv | Journal link
  11. G. B. Nguyen, D. Remenik. Non-intersecting Brownian bridges and the Laguerre Orthogonal Ensemble. Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré Probabilités et Statistiques 53, 2005-2019 (2017). arXiv
  12. J. Ortmann, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. A Pfaffian representation for flat ASEP. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 70, 3-89 (2017). arXiv
  13. J. Ortmann, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Exact formulas for random growth with half-flat initial data. Annals of Applied Probability 16, 507-548 (2016). arXiv
  14. P. Moisset de Espanés, I. Rapaport, D. Remenik, J. Urrutia. Robust reconstruction of Barabási-Albert networks in the broadcast congested clique model. Networks, 67, 82-91 (2016). Preprint | Journal link
  15. A. Borodin, I. Corwin, D. Remenik. A classical limit of Noumi's q-integral operator. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA) 098 (2015). arXiv | Journal link
  16. I. Corwin, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Renormalization fixed point of the KPZ universality class. Journal of Statistical Physics 160, 815-834 (2015). arXiv
  17. A. Borodin, I. Corwin, D. Remenik. Multiplicative functionals on ensembles of non-intersecting paths. Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré Probabilités et Statistiques 51, 28-58 (2015). arXiv
  18. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Tails of the endpoint distribution of directed polymers. Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré Probabilités et Statistiques 51, 1-15 (2015). arXiv
  19. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Airy processes and variational problems. Chapter in Topics in Percolative and Disordered Systems. Ed. by A. Ramírez, G. Ben Arous, P. A. Ferrari, C. Newman, V. Sidoravicius, and M. E. Vares. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Vol. 69, pp. 121-171 (2014). arXiv
  20. A. Borodin, I. Corwin, D. Remenik. Log-Gamma polymer free energy fluctuations via a Fredholm determinant identity. Communications in Mathematical Physics 324, 215-232 (2013). arXiv
  21. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Local behavior and hitting probabilities of the Airy1 process. Probability Theory and Related Fields 157, 605-634 (2013). arXiv
  22. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Supremum of the Airy2 process minus a parabola on a half line. Journal of Statistical Physics 150, 442-456 (2013). arXiv
  23. G. Moreno Flores, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Endpoint distribution of directed polymers in 1+1 dimensions. Communications in Mathematical Physics 317, 347-362 (2013). arXiv
  24. I. Corwin, J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Continuum statistics of the Airy2 process. Communications in Mathematical Physics 317, 363-380 (2013). arXiv
  25. R. Durrett, D. Remenik. Evolution of dispersal distance. Journal of Mathematical Biology 64, 657-666 (2012). Preprint
  26. R. Durrett, D. Remenik. Brunet-Derrida particle systems, free boundary problems and Wiener-Hopf equations. Annals of Probability 39, 2043-2078 (2011). arXiv | Simulation
  27. J. Quastel, D. Remenik. Local Brownian property of the narrow wedge solution of the KPZ equation. Electronic Communications in Probability 16, 712-719 (2011). arXiv | Journal link
  28. R. Durrett, D. Remenik. Chaos in a spatial epidemic model. Annals of Applied Probability 19, 1656-1685 (2009). arXiv | Pdf | Simulation
  29. D. Remenik. Limit theorems for individual-based models in economics and finance. Stochastic Processes and their Applications 119, 2401-2435 (2009). arXiv | Pdf
  30. D. Remenik. The contact process in a dynamic random environment. Annals of Applied Probability 18, 2392-2420 (2008). arXiv | Pdf
  31. S. Martínez, D. Remenik, J. San Martín. Level-wise approximation of a Markov process associated to the boundary of an infinite tree. Journal of Theoretical Probability 20, 561-579 (2007). Preprint
  32. E. Pécou, A. Maass, D. Remenik, J. Briche, M. González. A mathematical model for copper homeostasis in Enterococcus hirae. Mathematical Biosciences 203, 222-239 (2006).
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