The JAWS Scripts for Foobar 2000 make the foobar 2000 application even more accessible with the JAWS screen reader than it already is out of the box. In addition, they add a number of extra features such as the ability to mark times in tracks so you can return to them later (like bookmarks). The major features of the scripts are:

Installation Instructions

First of all, you will need to download Foobar 2000 from and install it, if you haven't already done so. The JAWS scripts for Foobar have been thoroughly tested using Foobar 2000 V1.11, but they should work on all 1.xx versions of Foobar 2000.

Next, you will also need to install the seek-box component for Foobar, which can be found under Components on the Foobar 2000 Web site. Once you have downloaded the seek-box component, you can install it into Foobar using the following procedure.

  1. Start Foobar.
  2. Press Control+p to open up the foobar preferences menu.
  3. Press the Tab key until you land on the Treeview. If "Components" is not selected, press the Home key to move to the top of the treeview and select "Components".
  4. Now press Tab until focus lands on the "Install..." button. Press the Space bar.
  5. An Open file dialog will appear. Use it to select and open the seek-box zip file you downloaded from the Foobar 2000 Web site.
  6. You will be returned to the Preferences dialog. Press Tab until you land on the Ok button and press Enter. If Foobar asks to be restarted, restart it.

Finally, if you have customised the Foobar status bar, you may need to adjust the "Status bar location of elapsed/total track time" setting. See the Foobar Scripts help documentation for further information about this.

The JAWS Scripts for Foobar 2000 are provided in an installer to make it easy to install them. Click the download link below in order to get the installer. Save it to your hard drive and run it, following the prompts in order to install the scripts.

Download the JAWS Scripts for Foobar 2000

Note that if you have multiple copies of JAWS on your system, you'll need to run the installer once for each JAWS version you wish to use with the scripts.

Getting Help

Once the scripts are installed, the following commands will be available in Foobar 2000 to get further help. These are all standard JAWS commands and they are given here merely for reference. A brief perusal of the on-line help documentation is highly recommended in order to learn what the scripts have to offer. To open the on-line documentation, hold down either the Insert key or JAWS key and then tap the F1 key twice quickly.

Hotkey helpInsert+h or JAWSKey+h
Screen-sensitive helpInsert+F1 or JAWSKey+F1
Open on-line documentationInsert+F1 twice quickly or JAWSKey+F1 twice quickly

Contacting the Author

If you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions or comments regarding the Foobar scripts, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Last updated 4 December 2013

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